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Yoo hoo anyone alive? :P 
08:00pm 31/05/2010
  I asked this before but forgot to check for answers lol!

Does anyone have the videos I used to sell here? I've lost pretty much all of them! :(
If you do, if you could upload them to http://www.megaporn.com or http://www.megaupload.com and comment with the links to them, that'd be awesome! :)

The ones I especially want are:
The two of me playing with my rabbit on my pink blow up chair, I think the file names were:

Fucking my arse with my rabbit, called '1tan' I think

A bath video called bubblessss.AVI

Playing with myself in a crotchless thong, called creativity.AVI

Another bath vid, called bath.avi

I don't know what the video was, but it was called vidpureness.AVI

Rabbit videos called oogabooga.avi and oogaboogadoor.avi

All the others I have already I think. :)
If anyone has them all, I'll give them 1 week access to my site, http://www.angelicamgirl.com
Or I'll give 1 new video for every 1 old video people can give me. :)

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Argh. :@ 
04:17am 09/01/2006
  If anyone has the videos of me playing with my rabbit both over and on my pink blow up chair, could you please upload them somewhere and send them to me please please please?
I sold them in the set of videos I sold for £15. And the file names were:

The links for rapidshare no longer work, they expired. :( So I need the actual videos... don't suppose anyone has them?

If you could email them to me at angelictease@livejournal.com that'd be GREAT. Don't post them anywhere on lj though, seeing as they're paid members only and all. ;)

Thankies in advance if anyone can help with this. =)
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Vid CD. 
04:16pm 29/12/2005
  I'm selling a CD with 35 videos of me on it, it's £3 to people who are in sodamnvids and £10 to everyone else. ;P
It has long vids on it that I didn't have the patience to upload anywhere else, and lots of other naughty videos, about 10 of them are what no one else has seen. :)
And I'm still adding to it, hoping to get 40 videos on it by the end of the week. Might put some pics on it as well, not sure yet. ;P

And if anyones interested in buying one. I'll put 1 up to ten minutes long request video on it too, can be anything you want. :)

Selling it on http://www.adultwork.co.uk/AngelicTease where lots of methods of payment are accpeted.

I can't email most the vids as they're huge and impossible for me to upload onto somewhere with my silly net connection that d/c every 30 minutes or so!!

Also making some special cds that you can request. At the moment I'm planning to do:
School girl. - With about 50 school girl pictures and two videos. For £3.
Anal. - Will be damn awkward to get a lot of pics of this lol as I use my timer and it's only 10 seconds, so not sure how many pics I'll put on it yet, and 2 videos, one of fingering other using rabbit. £5
-ideas please-

The vids on the special cds I'm making especially for them, so they wont be seen anywhere else. :)

Email me:
If you're interested, with 'CD' as the subject. :)

Sorry for the spam in my own community, lmao. ;P
Want to join? 
01:58am 23/09/2005

angelictease@livejournal.com email me there. I'm getting very confused with all the comments!! :S
There's now 14 vids.
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